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Lake Canyon Mutual Water Company

The Lake Canyon Mutual Water Company serves the Lake Canyon Community, collecting dues and providing budget to repair and maintain roads and run the water treatment facility.

The LCMWC is governed by an elected Board of Directors with 5 members who serve a 1-year term and meet monthly to discuss issues regarding roads and water.

Below is more information and how we are governed as a community.

Board Meeting Agendas (current and archived)

Meeting Minutes

Financial Reports and Capital Improvement Plan


Bylaws: amended 2022 01
Articles of Incorporation
Special Assessments
Water Quality


Board Members, effective for one year, beginning September, 2023:

Rebecca Cabral - President

Sam Monga - Vice President

Mindi Porebski - Secretary 

Aaruna Godthi

Water Hook-up Application (to be posted)
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