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About Lake Canyon

The Lake Canyon Mutual Water Company was incorporated in 1939 to manage the community's water system, keep the roads maintained, and provide entertainment and amusement for the community.

The water company has an elected Board of Directors and Officers that meets regularly to oversee the water company and filtration plant, set policy, and collect and distribute the funds from the annual water dues.

Board Members for the September 2023 - September 2024 term:

     Rebecca Cabral:   President

     Sam Monga:  Vice President

     Mindi Porebski: Secretary

     Aaruna Godthi

The Lake Canyon Mutual Water Company is run separately from the Lake Canyon Community Service District (LCCSD), which has its own meetings, agenda, minutes, financials, etc.

The LCCSD board members are:

   Kirk Epperly: President

   Bud Everts:  Treasurer

   Bryan Cameron

   James Freeman

   (one current vacancy)

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